“Changing ‘the way we do things’ always seems to hurt.”


ew things are more frustrating than needing a new solution for your business and then buying something that doesn’t work.

All too often, technology is sold to make a buck instead of being built to support the purpose of your business.

There is a better way of building the people and tools your business needs to move forward.

Been-Burned -Before

A new standard for software:
Collaborative Engineering


PI works with people to genuinely solve problems and create outcomes that are needed. We embrace a pragmatic approach and use open source and community software development.

The more useful parts we can add to our library, the more people we can serve. The more versatile parts we can gather up, the broader impact we can have on the world.

Client-Directed Solutions

We don’t believe in locking people into solutions. Solutions should be built to your needs, and sold to you in a way that serves you best…

So we offer 3 modes of development to choose from:

  • Higher cost so you have higher control.
  • Solves unique and complex problems to build a competitive advantage and protect your IP.
  • PI builds it with you. You own it. You maintain it.
  • Example: Custom apps just for your business.
  • Most economical because you share the costs and solution with others.
  • Solves common problems faced by many. The outcome is more important than competitive advantage.
  • PI builds it with the community. PI owns it, but you can build on it. The community maintains it.
  • Example: Automated processes common to all businesses.
  • A hybrid approach: modest cost for moderate control.
  • Solves larger problems with some tailoring for your specific needs.
  • The community builds the core. You own the customizations PI builds for you.
  • Example: A technology platform with extensions for your business.

To get business solutions that meet your needs on your terms…